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Meta avatar Chris Monnat in Programming   May 4, 2009

Building Applications using CodeIgniter (Part 2) - Configuration

The framework that you use to build your application will end up being the foundation of your program. Everything that your program does will revolve around how that framework works. Things like naming conventions, file paths and settings are dictated by the framework. But if you have chosen a good framework, like CodeIgniter (CI), you will be able to manipulate how that framework works and the tools it makes available to you by modifying it’s configuration information. In the first post I talked about application file structure. Now that the structure is solid I’m going to look at how I configure the framework so that it works the way I expect.

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Meta avatar Chris Monnat in Tutorial   May 1, 2009

How to Ensure a Secure Connection Using PHP

When submitting sensitive information over the web it’s important to ensure that the requested page is being accessed via an HTTPS encrypted connection. I’ve come across some forms that don’t check whether a secure connection has been made or not. In other words, you can delete the S from HTTP and instead of redirecting the user back to the HTTPS connection the form is just displayed unsecured. This is a BIG NO NO… as a programmer you cannot rely on the visitor, or even other developers who would be linking to the form, to request a form securely. In this post I will review how you can ensure that your users are accessing certain pages using a secure connection.

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Meta avatar Chris Monnat in Programming   April 29, 2009

Building Applications using CodeIgniter (Part 1) - File Structure

Creating web applications with CodeIgniter (CI) is quick and easy because CI handles a lot of the typical application requirements right out of the box (like session management, database abstraction and file uploading). I’ve developed a number of applications with CI now, including BadgeTracker and, and while CI does handle the repetitive stuff it’s still up to you to create a scalable and easy to update application. Over the last couple of years I’ve come up with a pretty solid structure and set of files that I use whenever I’m building a new app and in this series I’m going to show you what I do so you can get ideas for your own apps.

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Meta avatar Chris Monnat in Career   March 25, 2009

Zend PHP Certification: Necessary or Not?

I have to start this post out with a quick apology for the lack of recent posts. There is a lot going on right now: working on ScoutPath (which launches in June), putting out fires in BadgeTracker and working full time at my day job. All of this leaves little time for blogging (or anything else for that matter). Another thing I’m working on is getting my Zend PHP 5 certification and that brings me to this post. A couple of years ago when Zend first announced the certification I was determined to get certified but just haven’t put my mind to it until recently. However, after studying for the last couple of weeks and taking the practice tests I am left wondering what this certification proves and whether it’s truly worth it.

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Meta avatar Chris Monnat in General   February 16, 2009

10 Reasons Why MediaTemple Rocks

I understand that I might be coming a little late to this party, but I thought it deserved a post anyway. A little background first, up until about a week ago I had a virtual private server (VPS) with (HMS). I had been a customer of theirs for about 2 years and was pleased with the service and offerings. But recently I wanted to try some new things that required an updated version of PHP. HMS said I couldn’t get the newer version of PHP without upgrading my account and changing control panels over to CPanel. Needless to say I was saddened by this news so I started shopping around.

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Meta avatar Chris Monnat in Tutorial   February 12, 2009

Implementing Facebook Connect (Part 3) - Accessing Data from Facebook

About a month ago I posted a continuation of my Implementing Facebook Connect series on how to establish a connection to Facebook. In this post I am going to look at using that connection we established to access user data and render it on a page.

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Meta avatar Chris Monnat in Business   January 23, 2009

Selling Campaign Monitor to Your Customers

I am a big fan of the e-mail marketing app Campaign Monitor (CM) as you can see in my recent post 10 Reasons Why Campaign Monitor Rocks. Shortly after writing that post I decided to try and introduce CM to my users and see if I can sell them on the program. I developed a promotional site, I rebranded CM to match my chosen color scheme and logo and have started marketing it to my users. In this post I will outline why I choose to resell CM, what I did to get everything up and running and what my plans are for the future.

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Meta avatar Chris Monnat in Tutorial   January 20, 2009

Implementing Facebook Connect (Part 2) - Establishing a Connection

Two weeks ago I took a look at Facebook Connect (FC) summarizing what it is and why developers would want to integrate it with their own applications in part 1 of this series. Originally I had thought this would be a two post topic but as I have learned more about FC I think it’s going to take a few posts to get up and running successfully. So, in this post we’re going to get all the pre-requisites out of the way and establish a connection with Facebook from our own application. We will then look at how we can do things with that connection in subsequent posts. Ready or not… let’s get started!

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Meta avatar Chris Monnat in Tutorial   January 6, 2009

Implementing Facebook Connect (Part 1) - What is Facebook Connect?

I have been spending some time recently developing an online community which will hopefully be launched next quarter. One of the things I wanted to integrate is OpenID to try and lessen the burden of signing-up and logging-in. However, after doing some research I’m thinking that Facebook Connect might be the better way to go. This is the first of at least 2 posts about implementing Facebook Connect with your own PHP application. To begin we will first look at what Facebook Connect is and does and the next post will get technical and look at how to integrate it with your next CodeIgniter or PHP application.

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Meta avatar Chris Monnat in General   January 1, 2009

10 Reasons Why Campaign Monitor Rocks

E-mail marketing apps are a dime a dozen now a days. Each one claims it has better delivery rates than the other, more pre-designed HTML templates than the other and better support. However, I found an e-mail marketing app a while back that has just differentiated itself from the rest of the pack completely. The program is called Campaign Monitor (CM) and it’s not just your typical e-mail marketing app. CM has been built with designers and developers in mind. You can completely rebrand this hosted application to make it look and act like your own application and then resell it to your customers for additional revenue… totally cool!

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