10 Reasons Why Campaign Monitor Rocks

E-mail marketing apps are a dime a dozen now a days. Each one claims it has better delivery rates than the other, more pre-designed HTML templates than the other and better support. However, I found an e-mail marketing app a while back that has just differentiated itself from the rest of the pack completely. The program is called Campaign Monitor (CM) and it’s not just your typical e-mail marketing app. CM has been built with designers and developers in mind. You can completely rebrand this hosted application to make it look and act like your own application and then resell it to your customers for additional revenue… totally cool!

Below are my 10 reasons why Campaign Monitor rocks:

1. Very easy to use.

E-mail marketing can be a complex activity if you aren’t real tech savvy. Especially in today’s market with so many different e-mail clients and spam filters around. Campaign Monitor has an extremely simple user interface. They don’t clutter the screen with unnecessary icons or graphics. Most operations are in a step by step wizard format with plenty of helpful notes and explanations along the way.

2. It speaks our language.

When you really get into e-mail marketing and start looking into why messages are bouncing, etc. you start to come across terms like Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DNS records. Your general user, who just wanted to send a message to their list, doesn’t know what all that is about… and they don’t care. Campaign Monitors reports get the information across in plain terms that anyone can understand. Their bounce report lists all recipients whose messages bounced back along with the specific reason why it bounced.

3. You only pay when you send.

E-mail marketing is one of those things that I refuse to pay a monthly fee for. I don’t send enough e-mails to warrant such a fee. That’s why Campaign Monitor is so great; you only pay when you send a message. So all the list and subscriber management tools are available for free. When it’s time to send a message it’s just $5.00 for the e-mail and $0.01 per recipient. So, if you’re sending a message to 100 people the cost will be $6.00 for the message. And the price doesn’t go up for more recipients. Of course you will pay more for sending to more people, because of the penny per recipient, but it’s still just $5.00.

4. Helps you get your messages to your recipients.

Getting e-mail’s to their intended destination is not a simple process. Spammers have clogged the pipes with so much junk that poor e-mail systems are having a hard time determining what’s legit and what’s not. To help ensure your mail get’s delivered you are encouraged to look into the Sender Policy Framework and adding TXT records to your DNS so e-mail services like Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo don’t file your message as SPAM. Campaign Monitor does all the hard stuff for you by allowing you to add authenticated sending domains to your client accounts. Then CM provides you with the necessary DomainKey and Sender ID TXT records to just copy and paste into your domains DNS.

5. Not your typical affiliate or referral program.

Programs like this usually work off an affiliate or referral program. You link to or recommend the program to your clients who end up sign-ing up and you receive 15-20% of what they spend. Not a very attractive offier. Campaign Monitor, however,  actually allows you name your own price and still use their system. The deal is that you name your own price and then the client gets charged your price. At the end of every month CM does the math and sends you a Paypal transfer with your profit (minus their cut of course). CM only takes $5.00 for every message sent plus $0.01 per recipient.

6. Over 30 pre-designed HTML templates.

Campaign Monitor is a full featured e-mail marketing app in a box. All you have to do is gussy it up to look like you want and your off. They even offer 30 pre-designed HTML templates for you and your clients to use.

7. 100% Rebrandable

You know as well as I that rebrandable can mean anything from being able to change colors to being able to change the URL. With Campaign Monitor you can change pretty much anything you want. You can upload a logo for the main log-in screen, a logo for the main application interface, you can choose from a number of different color schemes, you can even set your own pricing scheme. To top it off you have the ability to change the URL of your app to anything you want. So users don’t visit http://something.campaignmontior.com. You can make the program look completely like your own.

8. A wealth of design resources.

On top of a great program, the makers of Campaign Monitor have a Resources section on their website chocked full of useful tips and tools. They have ideas on how you can offer e-mail marketing services to your clients and information on how CSS is supported in HTML e-mail design. They also have detailed explanations and resources to help your users understand permissions and what is and is not acceptable use of someones e-mail address.

9. Segmentation and custom fields.

You can have 5 different mailing lists for a single site if you want. But with Campaign Monitor you have the ability to create segments within a given list. Using custom fields you can group members of a given list into segments and then send messages to certain segments without affecting the other members of your list. This allows you to keep track of all your subscribers using just one list instead of many.

10. API Access

As if the items I have already mentioned aren’t enough, Campaign Monitor also provides it’s users with API access to their program. This allows developers like myself to integrate the program with their own apps to help streamline mailing list management and cut down on all the exporting and importing that typically needs to take place. If you offer other web based applications this is a great opportunity to upsell Campaign Monitor because you can integreate it with your apps thereby making the process seamless for your clients and that’s what it’s all about.

Those are just some of the reasons why I think Campaign Monitor rocks. Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think.