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Meta avatar Chris Monnat in Programming   April 23, 2015

3 Steps to Quality Code

Make sure your next website or application project is top notch with three things you can do to ensure quality.

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Meta avatar Chris Monnat in Programming   May 13, 2009

Building Applications using CodeIgniter (Part 4) - Code Templates

So far in this series I’ve discussed my typical application structure, configuration and helper files when developing apps using CodeIgniter (CI). In this final post I’ll review creating code templates for quick consistent development.

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Meta avatar Chris Monnat in Programming   May 8, 2009

Building Applications using CodeIgniter (Part 3) - Helpers

So far in this series we’ve discussed framework/application structure and configuration information. The next thing I always add to new applications is some common helper files I’ve developed and that come in handy in most projects. CodeIgniter (CI) helpers are very flexible tools to assist with common tasks throughout the app. If it doesn’t belong in a controller and is too small for a custom library then a helper might be just what the programmer ordered.

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Meta avatar Chris Monnat in Programming   May 4, 2009

Building Applications using CodeIgniter (Part 2) - Configuration

The framework that you use to build your application will end up being the foundation of your program. Everything that your program does will revolve around how that framework works. Things like naming conventions, file paths and settings are dictated by the framework. But if you have chosen a good framework, like CodeIgniter (CI), you will be able to manipulate how that framework works and the tools it makes available to you by modifying it’s configuration information. In the first post I talked about application file structure. Now that the structure is solid I’m going to look at how I configure the framework so that it works the way I expect.

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Meta avatar Chris Monnat in Programming   April 29, 2009

Building Applications using CodeIgniter (Part 1) - File Structure

Creating web applications with CodeIgniter (CI) is quick and easy because CI handles a lot of the typical application requirements right out of the box (like session management, database abstraction and file uploading). I’ve developed a number of applications with CI now, including BadgeTracker and, and while CI does handle the repetitive stuff it’s still up to you to create a scalable and easy to update application. Over the last couple of years I’ve come up with a pretty solid structure and set of files that I use whenever I’m building a new app and in this series I’m going to show you what I do so you can get ideas for your own apps.

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Meta avatar Chris Monnat in Programming   August 1, 2008

Generating PDF files using CodeIgniter

PDF files rock! Some of the programs used to view them could use some work, but the file format itself is real handy. As a programmer I have found PDF’s to be most helpful when generating reports that need to be printable. I know we are all supposed to be doing our part to make our offices “greener” and use less resources like paper. But some things just need to be printed (especially when your talking about the financial and legal industries).

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Meta avatar Chris Monnat in Programming   July 1, 2008

Simply Perfect RSS Parsing

RSS is a really useful tool for syndicating content between separate sites. Those people familiar with blogs and such are probably very familiar with RSS. Some of the clients where I work have taken advantage of RSS feeds provided by Web MD and other medical content providers to display new and updated content on their own practice websites. It’s a nice feature, especially for sites whose content doesn’t change all that often. You just need to be sure to check the terms of use for the site whose feed you want to use to make sure that type of use is allowed.

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Meta avatar Chris Monnat in Programming   June 29, 2008

10 Reasons Why CodeIgniter Rocks

The top 10 reasons why you will love working with the CodeIgniter framework.

Every once and a while you come across a blog post or forum discussion about what PHP application framework is the best. They each have their own positives and negatives, but the true answer to that question is that it depends on the programmer. Each programmer has a different style and different priorities when it comes to adopting a tool kit to use when building apps.

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