Say Hello to dashEE 2.0

It’s been way too long coming but I am finally happy to announce the release of dashEE 2.0 - the control panel dashboard framework for EE CMS.

If you’re not the video watching type, dashEE 2.0 is packed full of new and exciting things like:

  • New Interface: the dashboard has a new look sporting fewer buttons and more icons.
  • Multiple Dashboards: users can now create multiple dashboards and seamlessly tab between them for better organization and greater flexibility.
  • Widget Folders: widgets can now be packaged in their own folder within the widgets directory of a module. This is especially helpful for the development of interactive widgets.
  • Widget Models & Views: widgets can now support their own model and view files giving you the same power and flexibility that you have when building other EE add-ons like modules.
  • Install/Uninstall Methods: you can now include install and uninstall methods in your widget to facilitate actions that need to happen when a widget is first used and when it is removed.
  • Add/Remove Methods: similar to install/uninstall methods, add/remove methods fire every time a user adds or removed a widget from a dashboard. Perfect for cleaning data out of a DB table, etc.
  • Widget Specific JS: you can now include custom widget specific JavaScript with your widget and leverage the new dashEE jQuery plugin to facilitate GET/POST requests with custom widget methods in your widget file.

All documentation and other code related stuff has been migrated over to the Github repo. Check it out and let me know what you think.