Turn Your RSS Feed Into an E-mail Newsletter

I had one of those duh moments this morning. Every once and a while I come across a web app that solves a problem or does something interesting and I can’t help but ask myself “why didn’t I think of that?”. The app I found this morning is called Nourish and it allows you to turn any RSS feed into an e-mail newsletter. In looking through their site it looks like the app was launched back in January (of ‘08) and I think the concept is brilliant.

RSS is a very familiar term/technology to us techy people and is a very handy tool for those people “in the know” to stay connected to certain websites and their content. However, you don’t have to travel very far outside the IT bubble before people start asking “what is RSS?”. These are the same users that would look at an RSS icon and scratch their heads wondering what that weird orange icon is for. Although RSS may be foreign to some, most everyone knows about e-mail newsletters and people sign up for them with wreck-less abandon.

Converting RSS feeds into e-mail newsletters is a real time saving concept when you think about it. Most websites manage their “what’s new” or “company news” section of their websites with some sort of content management system that provides RSS feeds as a additional feature (Wordpress, ExpressionEngine, etc.) So now, website owners can kill two birds with one stone by posting news to their website that is automatically included in an e-mail newsletter that can be scheduled to go out on a regular basis without any user interaction.

As far as the program itself I think Nourish is coming along nicely. It lacks some of the features of older and more mature e-mail marketing apps but if they stick with it they might have a nice little niche product here.