BadgeTracker is a web based application focused on summer camps. The program allows camps to handle activity scheduling, camper registration, communication and more all online. After a number of builds and rebuilds I finally settled on a model, view, controller (MVC) architecture using the CodeIgniter (CI) framework and MySQL as a back-end.

This product was sold in 2010.

I had a problem, I was resigning as volunteer web master for a group I was a part of and I knew they wouldn’t be able to handle event sign-up’s online after I left. So, armed with this challenge, I set out to build a super simple web app that would allow them to create web based sign-up forms for whatever. The result was, a free hosted web app that allows anyone to post online sign-up forms for anything. The program provides a number of features including:

  • Password protected sign-ups for private events.
  • Customizable sheet addresses (
  • Automatic posting and unposting of sheets based on dates and times set to start and stop registration.
  • And moreā€¦

This program was developed using CodeIgniter with a MySQL back-end.

This project was taken offline in 2011.

Left of Center Communications

Arguably the biggest project of them all… Left of Center Communications (LOCC). LOCC isn’t so much a project as it is a business. I started LOCC in 2006 as part of an internship I was required to complete in college and it sort of stuck with me throughout the years. Started out, as many do, competing for custom design and development projects in my local small business market. After realizing that “small business” was not a niche I decided that programming was my passion and began focusing on applications. BadgeTracker came first followed a year to two later by Since then I have bounced from odd project to odd project in my spare time.

While the website has been taken offline, the business still exists. Just taking a bit of a break from the side business stuff.